Coach’s first men’s product series

On January 4, American luxury brand Coach announced that Chinese new generation actor and singer Xu Weizhou became Coach’s first series of Chinese men’s product spokespersons. At the same time, Xu Weizhou’s Coach2018 spring series of advertisement images shot in New York was released, and the video ad image was also launched. The film complements the spring advertisements that Selena Gomez photographed recently.

This spring series of advertising images was shot in Coach’s birthplace of New York City, and was creatively directed by the brand’s executive creative director Stuart Vevers. Xu Weizhou was sitting on the sill of a loft in New York, with classic retro fire escapes and the iconic Empire State Building. As a background. This is related to Coach’s own brand origin. Coach was born in 1941 and headquartered in New York, USA. It mainly deals in leather, handbags, briefcases, and leather shoes. On December 1, 2011, it was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It was also listed on the New York Stock Exchange and issued 293 million shares. On October 11, 2017, Coach announced that it will formally change its name from Tapestry from October 31st to Chinese, translated as Tapestry, with the aim of creating a luxury brand group that will assemble multiple brands, and has since been listed at the New York Stock Exchange. The code was also changed from “COH” to “TPR”.

According to the first fashion, Coach is currently undergoing a three-year adjustment period. While transforming the brand image of “Mother’s Handbags” in the past, it has established and strengthened the brand positioning of luxury goods, launched Camellia series and NASA cooperation funds as the main push series, and has connected with the urban culture of New York City. In addition, Coach is currently working on the men’s product line to increase the contribution of men’s leather goods and apparel sales. Xu Weizhou was invited to become the spokesperson for the men’s product line in China, which also confirmed from the side that the development path of Coach was very clear.

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