Coach has changed its name to Tapestry and has already Acquired Brand Domain Name

Originally thought that only ordinary renamed, but do not want to cause strong public opinion effect. Similar to McDonald’s, after the announcement of the rebranding of Coach, it triggered doubts from netizens and the media also started a mocking mode. This old 76-year-old New York store wants to “pick itself off”?
It is reported that on the same day that Coach announced the change of name, its stock price fell by 3.2%. The investor’s dissatisfaction with the tapestry was expressed more directly. However, the CEO of Coach Victor Louis said: Tapestry (tape tapestry) the name, the integration of the imagination of craftsmanship, creativity and heavy feeling, represents the company’s next step. Tapestry companies should become more grounded and win the hearts of young people.
In order to express its support for the new brand name Tapestry, it is of course also protecting the brand. Coach has quietly acquired the domain name According to whois information, the domain name has recently been transferred to Coach. However, in addition to the .com suffix, domain names such as are currently in the hands of other investors.

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